Friday, 19 April 2013

Hello birdie...

Well, Hello - Hello to you all!!!

Aaahh!!!  Birdwatching!!!!  What a lovely hobby it is!!!
Collared Sunbird

We love birds!!!  Why??!!!  Well, they are so truly independent of us, they really don't need us to survive!!!  They can be found anywhere and everywhere, cities, desserts, towns, fields, mountains, at sea, ... really anywhere that you can possibly think of, you WILL find a birdie or 10!!!
Redheaded Finch

It gets you outdoors and that is always a good thing!!!! I love being out in the bush and fresh air and before you know it, you're off looking for more birds AND you're walking!!!  Exercising!!!
Me, on a mission
And all you need is a good binoculars, a camera and a good bird book to help identify the birds!!!
Striped Kingfisher

They are so incredibly clever!!!!  They are the Masters of architecture!!! Have you ever watched a weaver bird built his nest!!!  Amazing!!! Weaved with grass and lined with feathers, it's warm, cosy and waterproof!!! 
They occupy prime properties with the best views and there are plenty of styles to choose from...
Common Weaver nests
If you're a weaver....
Masked Weaver

All they need is a tree, or a ledge, under the eaves, on mountain sides or just on the ground, a single blade of grass or a clump of floating debris, just a small little space is all they need and anywhere will do!!! And if you're lucky enough you'll find a special little home in a lovely garden!!!!
Feral Pigeon

Wouldn't we just love to be able to navigate like they do!!!  Over continents and the deep blue sea, to fly for days to a summer holiday home somewhere far away!!!  A journey once made, is a route remembered forever!!!
Greater Striped Swallow

And then there are the cleaner-uppers - the carrion birds!!!
Vultures Circling

Like vultures, kites, eagles, buzzards, hawks, harriers and gymnogene....

Whitebacked Vulture

There are the clever little honeyguides who guide badgers to a bees' nest and when the nest is broken they feed on the wax and grubs!!!
Barthroated Apalis

There are birds who sound the alarm on  pending danger, giving the animals time to escape either from predators or humans!!!
Scalyfeathered Finch

 They can soar.... or hover.... 
Jackal Buzzard

They can dive, swim, hop and run....and fly...
Saddlebilled Stork

They vary so greatly in size, from about 7cm to the biggest bird ... the ostrich, who stands tall at about 2m....
Male Ostrich

Some have brilliant colors ...  
European Bee-Eater

and some don't ... but when has white,black and grey ever looked better!!!
Blacksmith Plover

The males are almost always brighter and prettier than the females!!!
Blue Waxbill

They live on land ......
Crimson Boubou

....and in water....
Egyptian Geese

And then there are the nocturnal birds like ...
Spotted Eagle Owl

owls and others like nightjars!!!
Spotted Eagle Owl

They feed on a large range of insects, rodents, snakes, seeds, fish, frogs, worms and so on...
European Bee-eater

and then you get birds who filter the water to find their food!!! Like the beautiful, beautiful Flamingo!!! They wade in shallow water and feed on algae!!!
Greater Flamingo

I was so lucky to get this photo of flamingo's on our dam because I have never seen them again!!!  We just haven't had enough rain again like we did that year!!!
Forktailed Drongo

But inspite of all their survival skills and their abilities to adapt, there are still a LARGE number of birds on the endangered list!!!!  With humans being the their biggest enemy, destroying their habitat... and indiscriminately using poison in agriculture!!!
This beautiful bird is South-Africa's national bird....
Blue Crane

....our very own Blue Crane is high on the endangered list....
Blue Crane

and unfortunately, he's one of many!!!!
Can you imagine waking up one morning without the sound of bird - chirps??!!!  
Sadly that is not an impossibility!!!
European Roller

Next time you see a little birdie in your garden, I hope you'll enjoy it just a little more!!!
Laughing Dove

They really are incredible little creatures!!! And this is just what I see on my little piece of land....!!!!!
'Till next time dear friends..

***** PS: All the photo's on this post were taken here on our farm by myself and my sister, Margaret Klee!!*******