Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Beautiful Brave Sister!!!!!!

My Beautiful BRAVE Sister....

Last Thursday night...

My sister Zennet and niece Shani, both work in the city of Johannesburg.  And on their way home from work last Thursday night, her car broke down!!! 
Zennet                                            Shani
A new car, but still, (and these things happen right) it broke down!!! But it broke down in the worst possible place!!! On the freeway next to a township!!!
A very,very bad, bad place!!! And true to form, minutes later, they were attacked!!!!
First he smashed the driver's (Shani) window, and it shatters but doesn't break!!! Then he walked around to the passenger side (Zennet) and threw a rock through her window and of course, the window breaks and the glass and rock hits her in the face!!! Immediately he grabs her.....
But he couldn't possibly have foreseen what happened next!!! He must have thought to himself, two helpless woman, an easy, soft target!!! 
Zennet threw the window back out at him and then... SHE attacked!!!! Armed with her pepper spray and the will to survive and protect herself and Shani, she fought and fought and fought!!! He came back at her 3 times but she fought him off each time!!! She pepper sprayed the "living crap" out of him, 'till he crawled away in defeat (and hopefully in a lot of pain!!!!)
Battered, bruised, cut and bleeding, help finally arrived for them!!! But by then he was gone too!!!
She just decided that she could not allow him to get to them and that she was not going to become just another victim or statistic!!!!   So she fought for her life and that of Shani's!!!!

           My Beautiful BRAVE Sister!!!! 

I Love You Endlessly!!!! And I am so very very proud of you!!!!

ps: I have probably written and rewritten this post a dozen times!!! I am so angry but at the same time, I am all too aware of how easily this could have turned into a horrible tragedy for our family!!!  But at least one #*@$*&^ got what he deserved!!!!

            ....  happy families.....
Zennet with her husband Alwyn


Shani with husband Skinny and daughter Kensi

I hope and pray with all of my heart that this will never ever happen again and that perhaps this guy will think twice before attacking innocent woman again!!!! 

All my love


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Strange and wonderful things!!!!!

Hi There!!!

I have a few strange but wonderful things to share with you....

A big male lion up in a tree...?? It seems a very "poofy" thing for a big male lion to do but I suppose at least he had a good vantage point!!!

A family of mice enjoying the warm sunlight on a crisp and frosty morning.....
(I really had to be as quiet as a church mouse to get this shot...hehehe!!!!)

I found these bats in our shed....sadly I cannot identify them and the photo isn't good enough for a image search on Google...but even unknown, they're still cute!!!!

This is a grasshopper I have never seen before....

Yesterday I found this little fella taking a shortcut through my house...

and my brother-in-law Alwyn, dislocated his finger ..... ouch!!!!!ouch!!!!!!ouch!!!!!!

During a recent power failure, I managed a close up of this prey mantis on a candle holder... 

This perfect web was glistening with early morning dew drops!!!!

Don't you just love this sign?!!!  Perfect for a  stargazer like me!!!!

And this is my little Miss J!!! She has passed all of her exams and is about to start her last semester in financial accounting!!! The end is near and boy,!! has she worked hard the past 3 years!!! We are so very proud of her!!!!
This week the weather has been rather chilly....
...but these two had no problem finding some warmth in these cosy blankets!!!!!

It was fun visiting with you again and I'll be back soon again!!!

Hope you have a colourful, happy and fun time wherever you are and keep those creative juices flowing!!!!


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Keeping busy...

Hello there...

Keeping busy with.... 

Making kitchen curtains for a customer!!!!
with eyelet tape and rings....
 Really love this material....
 I think Emily is really cute....
 But I think this would be ......
Beautiful in a study....
But I am sure it is still going to look great!!!

Trying out a new recipe....

Savoury muffins....

Topped with cheese....
Sooooo yummy.....
With butter and a little apricot jam....
And of course.... A lovely cappuccino!!!!
They were crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside and the sweetness of the jam with the savoury, cheesy muffin was just soooooo yummy!!!!
Would you like to try them? Its so easy....
2 cups cake flour, 15ml baking powder, 5 ml salt, 1 cup buttermilk, 100ml oil, 1xl egg, 2 cups of cheddar cheese - mix all together and spoon into muffin pans - top with cheese and bake at 200degrC for 15-20min. That's it!!! 
Next time I think I might add some chives and bacon pieces!!! was quite perfect just like this!!!!

Right now this is the view from my kitchen...
Well dear friends, I better get back to the curtains, they are due tomorrow and as you can see from the photo above, the shadows are getting longer and the time is getting shorter for delivery on these curtains!!!!

A big thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon again!!!

"Till next time!!!!

Love Always

Friday, 27 June 2014

Blue - such a cool color!!!

Hello dear friends

This week has been a little easier than the last one!!! Why? Because I have allowed myself time to do what I like!!! I loved it and I am going to try and do it more often!!!

It started with a beautiful pack of 'Blue Paper' I bought a while ago!!! One of those buys not immediately needed but you know you have to have it!!! Just because it's sooo pretty and a 'real good price'!!!! (wink-wink!!! You know what I mean, hey!!!)
Isn't it just beautiful?
Now what to make?.... Ooooo!!! I know!!! My shopping list needs a revamp!!! 
So, a little bit of paper,  a lot of podge and some decoupage techniques and .....
A new shopping list... looks so much better!!! Why did I not do that a long time ago?
And instead of hanging from a hook, I hot glued a piece of magnet sheeting at the back and now it can go on the fridge!!! Because that is just were shopping lists are suppose to go!!! Right? Right!!!)
And it looks just so much better on the fridge, don't you think??
And then I tried my hand at rippling.... Lovely Blue ripples!!!!!

Initially I struggled a bit with the decreases, you know the treble 2 together or just tr2tog,(hehehe!!! perfect English when you get it!!!) and once I got it, I simply rippled away!!! I love how quickly it goes!!!
My first try and I totally understand why it becomes so addictive!!! Just love it!!! Oh dear, I think there's another blanket coming soon!!!
I love the colors!!! It reminds me of beautiful blue skies, the beach and the rolling blue ocean!!!
Then I bought Miss Molly this blue canvas bag - again - Blue!!!
And this is how she owl-y-fied it!!! From drab to fab!!! Isn't it beautiful!!! Well done Miss Molly!!! It's just perfect!!!
I started noting the color blue a lot lately! And you know what? I think I like it!!! So many of my things are blue!!! Blue jerseys, jackets, blankets, washcloths, ironing board cover, table cloths etc etc.... 
Here are a few cute Blue things from my craft room...
Yip!!! I think the color Blue is totally cool!!! 

Have a wonderful happy fun filled weekend, 'till later my lovelies!!!!

Love Always

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Winter Blues

Hi every one....

Remember me???  It's been a really l-o-n-g time since my last post, I know!!!  You see, I have been without my laptop for all of this time, with just a few stolen moments on the net every now and again.  Not even enough time to catch up on news from any of my bloggy friends!!! But it's OK, Little Miss J needed it more!!! 
It's so good to have my laptop back again!!!!!!
And you know what?  I have missed you!!!!  I missed not knowing what you have been up to!!!  More often than not, your stories have been wonderful 'pick-me-uppers'!!! There are such incredibly kind and inspiring people out there and it's really good to be talking to you again!!! 
Summer!!! Wonderfully green and wet!!!  Just so beautiful!!!!
Incredibly, I have written this part over and over again, trying to go back and update you on the last 6 months, but it's just not working!!! It's old news!!! So I have decided to just start with what's happening right now!!!
Winter!!!  Dry, dusty and windy!!!!
It's mid June and winter has finally arrived here in my little corner of the world!!! Overnight!!! 
Just yesterday I was still in sandals and a light cardigan!!! 
Oh I hate winter!!!
No!! No!! I actually love winter!!! But only if it's really cold!!! Like the really frosty morning we woke up to the yesterday!!! -8 deg C!!! 
A layer of frost on our thatch roof
And this is what I love about winter....
... cuddly scarves and hats that hug you with their warm fuzziness...
... warm and hearty stews and big pots of soup that fill your tummy with their goodness...
... folding your hands around a steaming cup of hot chocolate and feeling the warmth of it seep down to your little toe...
... sitting in front of a roaring fire, sipping old brown sherry and listening to the wind and rain lashing down outside...
... feeling the warmth and weight of a beloved granny square blanket while you lie snug and warm in his arms...
... going shopping in a gorgeous trench coat and beautiful leggings...
... long hot soaking ('till there's no more hot water) bubble baths with my favourite book and a bottle of champers...
... game nights with family and friends and a 'hot' pot of chicken curry...
... crocheting a beautiful warm blanket in front of the telly... 
These are all the things I l- o- v- e about winter!!!
This is the road to my house!!!
But that is not what my winters are like!! 
Hope this little tree will survive the frost!!!
Instead it is....
... scarves, hats and gloves are only for very early frosty mornings and there are very few of them, soups and stews - well I am the only one who loves them so I hardly ever make them, no fires (especially with a thatch roof) and no rain during our winters, I still enjoy a hot chocolate late at night and sherry, well truthfully I don't need winter to enjoy that!!! 
Cool and frosty!!!
I love my blanket and I do use it a lot, but mostly, it's not really cold enough and his arms, well they are now mostly filled by his beloved pussycat (who really loves the colder weather) and should I get too close to his liking, a 'friendly' growl tells me to back off!!! 
Jack Frost really had a ball here on the kennel!!!
Shopping has become nothing but a dream, so has a bath and champers (we only have showers), crochet (this is really not a seasonal thing but a wonderfully addictive disease!!!) 
and so crochet and curry is about the only thing that is still on, only now it has become 'mild' instead of 'hot' (it's just a taste bud thing that came with age - use to love the hot stuff but not so much anymore) curry!!! 

So, as you can see, winter is not my favourite season!!! We are so not geared for cold weather! We build our houses to be comfortable in long hot summers, so right now it is actually warmer outside than inside!!! 
Although temperatures do plummet at night, and sometimes to well below zero but as soon as the sun comes out, it warms up to the mid 20 deg C!!!  So you start your day all dressed up and by 9am you already start removing the layers of clothing!! Hubby almost never wears long pants!! The only difference between summer and winter for him is a T-Shirt under his shirt!!! 
Every blade of grass is covered in a layer of frost!!!
Everything dries out and dies (no rain) and you live in this brown place with not a hint of green anywhere!!! No flowers or green grass or green trees!!! Nothing!!! 
Frosty flakes on the kennel!!!
Just Depressing!!! 
And then if that's not enough the whole world around you becomes a fire hazard as well!!! Daytime hours are so short, you go to work in the dark and then you come home in the dark!!! Last night, mid June, we still slept with our fan on!!! Under the covers but with the fan on!!! Who can enjoy a winter like that??!! No!!! It's almost like an 'almost winter'!!! Do you know what I mean?? It must either be really cold or not!!! Not start cold, then warm up and even get to mildly hot and then cool again at night!!! No thank you!!!
Just look at my poor lawn!!!
I think you can imagine how much I love the rarely cold days we get, like the one on these photos and it stayed like that all day!!! Loved it!!! But it will probably not happen again so I am wishing winter would just come and go now!!! Luckily it is short, 2 months!!! And I am sooooo looking forward to Summer when my world will once again look like this!!!
Summer!!!! Wet and green!!!!!!
Well it's been wonderful to talk to you again and I promise, see you soon!!!!!!!!

Love Always