Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Strange and wonderful things!!!!!

Hi There!!!

I have a few strange but wonderful things to share with you....

A big male lion up in a tree...?? It seems a very "poofy" thing for a big male lion to do but I suppose at least he had a good vantage point!!!

A family of mice enjoying the warm sunlight on a crisp and frosty morning.....
(I really had to be as quiet as a church mouse to get this shot...hehehe!!!!)

I found these bats in our shed....sadly I cannot identify them and the photo isn't good enough for a image search on Google...but even unknown, they're still cute!!!!

This is a grasshopper I have never seen before....

Yesterday I found this little fella taking a shortcut through my house...

and my brother-in-law Alwyn, dislocated his finger ..... ouch!!!!!ouch!!!!!!ouch!!!!!!

During a recent power failure, I managed a close up of this prey mantis on a candle holder... 

This perfect web was glistening with early morning dew drops!!!!

Don't you just love this sign?!!!  Perfect for a  stargazer like me!!!!

And this is my little Miss J!!! She has passed all of her exams and is about to start her last semester in financial accounting!!! The end is near and boy,!! has she worked hard the past 3 years!!! We are so very proud of her!!!!
This week the weather has been rather chilly....
...but these two had no problem finding some warmth in these cosy blankets!!!!!

It was fun visiting with you again and I'll be back soon again!!!

Hope you have a colourful, happy and fun time wherever you are and keep those creative juices flowing!!!!