Thursday, 31 October 2013


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Monday, 28 October 2013

I'm B-a-c-k....!!!!!


Yes, I am back and it's really wonderful to say HELLO to all of you again!!! Wow!!! It's been a long time!!! Can you believe my last post was on the 6th September???

My kitchen....

....still looking for a nice window dressing for the kitchen window! I don't want to obstruct the view, I love to watch the game come past the house!!!

... The coffee nook...
But before I carry on, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful e-mails I received!!! 334!!! Can you believe it!?? I have managed to read a few and will answer as many as I can!!!  I was really moved by your kindness and all the curiosity out there about our new adventures!!! Thank you so very much!!!!
The dining room just off the kitchen
Gladly, we have now mostly settled into our new home and WOW, we love it!!!! Not just the house but the whole farm!!!
So much has happened the last couple of weeks - where shall I start???
Hubby's space and as always - A MESS!!!! But he thinks its just the way it should be, organised and busy!!!!

Nice big cosy lounge with lots of light streaming in!!!
Moving into our house while the builders were still busy was really unpleasant!!! But remember? we had to be out of the chalet due to a wedding that was booked for the 21st September!!! And of course the builders were once again behind schedule!!! Eeekkk!!! The stress!!!! But really I should have expected nothing more!!! Afterall, they were behind schedule right from the start!!!!
My bedroom with en suite bathroom
Ahhh, the wedding!!! A huge success!!! It was so wonderful to see each and every one of us getting so completely involved with the catering, serving and organising and it made me so happy to see how much they (my incredibly wonderful little family) all enjoyed it!!!! Miss Molly and little Miss J, you truly are little stars!!! My Stars!!! Thank you so very much for all your hard work!!!! 
Miss Molly's bedroom....

When we first put their beds into their rooms, they looked so completely lost and small....

....But actually, they are bigger than I thought....
And with all the moving and all the other things in between, somehow my camera got packed or lost??? in a box only to be found much later!!! 
This is our little church here on the farm....

A place for photo shoots....

inside the church, it seats 100 people!!!
Sorry no photos of the wedding and no photos of the tornado!!! 
Yes a tornado!!! Did I forget to mention that??? A very scary experience I can assure you!!!  The sound it made, like an really angry beast, is something I will never forget!!!  Luckily our new house suffered no damage at all and there was very little damage elsewhere!!! Thank goodness for wide open, sparsely populated countrysides!!!
Front door...
Eventually all the building was done and the unpacking started and so we settle into our new life!!! New routines!!! New jobs!!! New friends!!! New places to explore and new weather patterns!!! I think we have had more rainy days (Love it!!!) here than we ever had in a full season in the Kalahari!!! But strangely I still miss it!!! And I miss the sunsets the most!!! The Kalahari had it's own kind of magic that I will never forget!!!
I love this little spot with the colored glass, books, niknaks and photos!!!! All the things that make a house a home!!! Also the entrance to the girls bedrooms and bathroom!!!
Oh, and 5 new giraffes were off loaded the other day!!! Yeay!!!
And 2 days ago we finally got our internet installed!!! We are once more connected!!! Yeah!!!Yeah!!!Yeah!!! 
Book Shelf in Little Miss J's room

The left top and bottom shelves are all study material!!!!!
It's been hard not having internet or cell phone signal, especially for Little Miss J!!! I had to drive her up and down a very horrible bumpy dirt road to find a signal just so she could submit her assignments!!! 
Little Miss J's bedroom

She loves her glow-in-the-dark-skeleton
She starts her year end exams in just little more than a week from now!!! Wow!!! 2 years have gone by so quickly!!!! 5 more to go!!!??? Poor baby!!! But she's loving it and that's all that matters, isn't it!!!???
Front door
And in 2 weeks from now we have another wedding to do!!! Having done the last one successfully, I am not stressing about this one at all!!! And this time there will be photos!!!
The front veranda. Just look how nicely the lawn is coming on!!!

This has become my favorite place to sit with a cuppa and just take a break!!!
 This coming week I will be setting up my craft room and I am so excited about it!!!! Can't wait to unpack all my lovely things and start work again!!! Yep!!! Looking forward to working again!!!!
Still have to sort out the pots!!!!
Well the house is mostly done now so the next big project is the garden!!!! The grass is coming on nicely and it would seem that the soil is quite fertile which will make it a lot easier to have a lovely garden!!!
Look at these gems I found again!!!!  Miss Molly with a butterfly on her hand!!!!

Little Miss J!!! Aaaahhh!!! I wish they were still this little!!!!
Who would have known that this new farm and everything that goes with it would fit our little family like a glove!!! And I am so very thankful for that!!!!
Bubble fun!!!!

Flower power!!!!!

Sweet memories!!!!
And that dear bloggy friends is my story for now!!! See you soon!!!!