Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hello Everyone

It's that time of the year again!!! Mid term + Exams Little Miss J A stressed and edgy, Little Miss J!!!
So Miss Molly baked some cinnamon cookies for her sister (aaaahhh sweeeeet), absolute in her believe that cinnamon is 'good for the brain' and would be a good snack while studying late at night!!!
Now, as you all know, there is something very comforting and homely about the smell of home baked cookies and freshly brewed coffee!!! A smell that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside!!!
But we were not the only ones enjoying the wonderful smells.......
We were all sitting at the dining room table enjoying freshly baked cinnamon cookies and a really, ah, a really good cup of coffee, when we heard this really soft 'knocking or slapping' noise at the kitchen window...!!!
Thinking it must be one of the cats, we carried on, laughing, talking and dunking yummy cinnamon cookies......
But then the 'knocking and slapping' got a little louder and was accompanied by a kind of chattering..... So we went to investigate, and there he was......a Monkey on my kitchen window sill!!! 
He wasn't worried by us on the other side of the window at all!!!  He chattered and smeared his little hands all over the window, biting the window frame and showing his teeth, but not in a aggressive way, but more like a "I want some of that too" way!!!
After about 10 min and the poor little monkey still trying to get to the cookies, I decided to give him one!!!! I know, I know !!! Not the right thing to do, I know!!! But seriously, you should have seen that little face!!! He had a frown as deep as can be!!! And a quivering little lip!!! 
I melted!!! He really wanted a cookie!!! He was begging for a cookie!!!  And they are clever little creatures!!! The smell of those cinnamon cookies were just more than he could bare!!!
So I offered him a cookie and he took it ever so gently from my hand!!! I was so surprised!!! I thought he would grab it and run!!!  But he didn't!!! He was so gentle and so very, very grateful!!! He sat on the sleeper table and ate his cookie and I promise, you could see the total enjoyment on his face!!!
He just sat there and ate 2 cookies, taking small little bites and savouring each bite, picking up any falling crumbs !!! He came back for a third and just before he disappeared into the trees, he turned back and sat just for a moment, as if to say thank you!!!! 
Oh, I know you would have melted too!!! That little frowning face was just too much for me!!! And seriously, he just wanted a cinnamon cookie!!!! And they were really, really scrumptious!!!
             Cute will always be Cute!!!

****I do apologize for the dark photos but I was worried that the flash might just freak him out!!! ****    
             And here's another Cutie!!! 
                He knew those feathers.....
usually come with a nice fat guinea fowl.... 
and he wanted it!!! He bit and chewed and pulled and scratched until they were all off and only then was he  satisfied that he had caught himself a guinea fowl!!!
        Again, Cute will always be Cute!!!!!

A big Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to visit my blog and to all the kind comments!!! I really do appreciate it and it's only with your support can my blog grow!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!
'Till next time!!!!!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Books from my craft room

 Hello Everybody

Firstly, I would like to welcome 2 new friends!!!Teresa Kasner and Jules from little woollie, welcome and thank you so much for following my blog!!!And a big thank you to everyone stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!!! I am quite pleased at how my blog is growing!!!!

Today I thought I would show you some of the books I have in my craftroom!!!  There's some new ones, some old ones and some really old ones!!! 
So, starting with the really old one...
     .....I think this book must be about 50+ years old....
I remember when I was about 4 years old, I had my very first crochet lesson from my Mom and from this book!!!!
....This is the front page of the book and there are no first published dates or names of publishers....
 ... Just an acknowledgement by the author....

I remember sitting in the backyard under an old Mulberry tree, having cookies and tea with my mom and learning to crochet from this old book!!! Of course I couldn't read then but I could "read" the pictures!!!!
   and follow the step by step instructions!!!
Here are just a few of the things I remember Mom had made from this book....
Some Doilies and I think I might still have some of these!!!...
         ...Mom always looked so dashing in her hat just  like this one...
... I remember Zennet wearing bibs like these, in beautiful baby colors with animals on....
...and we always had these on our couches, in different patterns and shapes....
The second oldest book I have is this one...
 This one has dates......

I remember the day Mom brought this book  home!!! It had color photos on the cover!!! and inside there were color photos of projects!!! Oh my goodness, we were so excited about the color photos!!! I remember every single person who came to visit us had to page through this book with me, the book with it's color photos!!!! It was a treasure!!!

And I had so much more to learn from this book with all it's different chapters!!! And so I also started knitting and became a knitter instead of a crocheter, until last year when I picked up a crochet hook again... and the rest is history!!!
Mom also had some wonderful magazines, and now I get to treasure them!!!

And these are just a few....

of the beautiful....

items from these magazines...
And then there is this very, Very SPECIAL pattern leaflet that I remember like it's yesterday!!! My sister, my Mom and Myself, we all had identical dresses like these, made from this pattern!!!!
Mom had a white dress with long black boots, mine was a light pink and Margaret had a light blue dress (Zennet was not even born yet!!!) and we wore it with long white knee high socks with a frilly edge and our black shoes!!! (Just like the picture) This memory actually brings a tear to my eye!!!
Moving on...
This was the very first book I bought myself with my very first pay cheque 35 years ago!!!
and from then on my own collection grew as my interests varied and I tried my hand at a variety of crafts!!!! Loving all of them!!!

I love my books and everything else in my craft room!!!!
And lastly, I would like to thank my Mom for cultivating this love of crafting in me from a very young age!!!  I love you, always!!!! 

'Till next time, enjoy a crafty week!!!

PS: New books just arrived in the post 5 min ago!!!!!!
Although they're not for my craft room, I love, LOVE books!!!All books!!!!


Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Mother's heart.....

Hello everyone!!!

Today is Mother's Day here in my country!!! And this was waiting on the kitchen table for me this morning!!!
They do know me so well!!! Thank you,I love it!!!! 
To all the wonderful Moms out there, I hope you have a wonderful, happy and relaxing day with your family!!!
Mothers Day

This is a poem I wrote to celebrate all of you...all the mothers of the world....

A mother's heart is a garden of love
A gift send to me from above
From the moment I first saw her face
I knew this garden will forever be my place
To happily grow and shine
In her garden so very-very fine
Inspired to always be my best
So when it's time to leave my little nest
My very own garden I will love
Just like my Mother, send to me from above!
                                           written by A Field

        I LOVE YOU MOM!!!


*** Pictures from Google Images ***

PS:A big welcome to Katie, the 8th friend to follow my blog!!!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Hello - Hello

I think I told you once that I was looking forward to winter!!! Well, that must have been during a heatwave!!! I must have been delirious from heat stroke or something!!!! 
I now remember clearly why I don't like winters and it's not because of the cold!!! The cold I can manage!!! In fact I love to snuggle up under my blankets with hot chocolate or dress up warmly in a beautiful jersey with a lovely scarf I made myself!!!! 
We live in a severe frost - black frost to be precise - area and because of that out winters are extremely dry and dull!!! Everything dies!!! The chilly winds become a constant daily pain in the, you-know-what, and sandstorms and fires are the order of the day!!!
When I looked around my garden yesterday, I sighed heavily as I realised that the greenery is slowly disappearing and the signs of winter is fast approaching, but then I saw this beautiful butterfly with it's brilliant colors!!! And it struck me!!! Hey! There is still lots of "flying color" around!!! I can still find color in the grey of winter but I just have to look elsewhere for it!!!
And when I started looking around....
I suddenly saw color everywhere....
From Butterflies to Dragonflies....
And even a colorful lizard...
And last but not least, our colorful feathered friends.....
 Sometimes just a spot of color....
is enough!!!!
If you think your surroundings are lacking in color, just take a look at the "Flying Colors" around you!!!  The beautiful Flying Colors!!!
And so, as the world in the North get ready to be dressed in their happy Spring colors, the world down South is slowly turning into a cold and bleak place, but hey!!! Just take a look around you and you'll find beautiful flying colors!!!!
Enjoy color wherever you might be!!!! It
is there!!!! You just have to look for it!!!