Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Saying goodbye....

Hello Again

It's with real mixed feelings that I write this post today......!!!! Excited to start a new adventure but really sad to say goodbye....!!! Because .... I know it so well!!!! Like the back of my hand!!! Every road, tree, animal and bird!!!! I have spend endless hours walking this bush, studying the plants and the animals!!! It's peaceful and private and ever changing!!!!
After a rainstorm these beautiful yellow wild flowers are a sight to behold!!!They grow as "high as an elephant's eye" in the one corner of the farm!!!

Turtles basking in the warm sun!!! They are so cute!!!

We watched our herd of rhino grow from 2 to 6 before the matriarch cow (front with the square horn) was poached!!! A very sad day on this farm!!! A horrible day I will never forget!!!
It's a very humbling and satisfying feeling when a Mommy rhino brings her baby to the house for the first time to show her off!!!!! They trusted us so completely!!!! 

For the last 8 and a half years, the treads of our lives have been woven through this farm from corner to corner, from pillar to post and everything inbetween!!!

Late evening, giraffes and rhinos feeding right at my house!!! This was the view from my front veranda!!! Every day!!!

There has been wonderful adventures, new arrivals, great losses and incredible gains!!!
Roary!!! Isn't he just too cute for words!!!! He always loved pink!!!! Pink pillows, pink blankets and pink bottles for a baby boy!!!!

Amber, our first Tiger, has just become a Mommy herself!!!

My girls grew into wonderful young ladies!!!
Miss Molly!!! Turned 22 this year!!! Eeekkkkk!!!

Little Miss J!!! Will be 21 in November !!!! Eeeek!!! I hate the way time flies!!!
There's been tears but mostly there's been great joy and laughter!!! Well, there's always plenty of that going on!!!
Flamingoes at the waterhole!!! Way back in time when we had a good rainy season!!!What a sight that was!!!!

The most amazing sunsets every night and they were never the same!!!!
The weather played a big part in our lives......
Early morning frost!!! A cold winter about 4 years ago!!!
Rain showers like this was really very few and far between!!!  Every drop was precious!!!! This was after a night of an extremely heavy thunder storm!!!

Young Impala!!! So dainty and so beautiful!!!

A Sable ram!!! Pure muscle and brute strength!!! Very dangerous!!!

Buffalo.  The bull unfortunately learned to open the game fence and constantly escaped into the river!!! We watched one day and saw with our own eyes as all of them crawl through a warthog whole!!! Unbelieveable??!! Well, we still can't believe our eyes!!! But it's true!!!! Why is it that you never have a camera at times like that?!!!

Winston, a very bad tempered leopard!!!Except with Molly!!! She could scratch his head and make him roll onto his back for a tummy scratch!!!

A lazy male white lion snoozing!!!

The African Wild Dog
Sandstorms!!!! Eekk!!! I will not be missing these!!!!

Inside a sandstorm!!!! Just look at the grains of sand!!!! I love this photo!!!Taken by Little Miss J!!!
Amazing storms but sadly very little rain!!!!
I love this photo!!! 2 Beautiful rainbows on a stormy afternoon!!!!

There has been unforgettable parties!!!!
Shani, Molly and Jesse at Halloween!!!!

Country & Western Party!!! A great hit with everyone!!!

Miss Molly's 21st Birthday!!!!

Happy Valentine's Days!!!!!
Xmases was family time!!!Big Xmas eve dinners and lazy summer days!!!

There has been really fun treasure hunts during Easter holidays, lasting all day and over the whole farm!!! I think the adults had more fun than the kiddies!!!!
Little Miss J, Shani and friends during a game drive!!!! Oh what fun!!!!
There were always new little animals but I think this one stole Zennet's heart!!!
And for the first time ever, 4 generations of women,  here on the farm, all together at Miss Molly's 21st!!!
From Left - Right: Shani, My Mom, Margaret and in front little Kensi!!!!
4 Generations!!!! Great Grandma, Grandma, daughter Shani with her baby girl Kensi!!!My beautiful family!!! 
Buffy!!! Our trusted old farm bakkie!!! We have had the most amazing game drives with her!!! Got stuck in the mud a few times!!! Had the most amazing night time drives to see waves of eyes as the Springhares moved in and out of the spotlight!!! Been chased by the rhino's a lot of times and she was even stolen and found again!!!  At least she's going with us!!!
Summer fun!!!
Virtually living in the pool during our hot summer months!!!!

There were a couple of big snakes, but I think this one was the biggest!!!!

So with a big lump in my throat, it's a teary goodbye to this beautiful place and we are incredibly thankful for all the wonderful memories we're able to take with us!!! 

So, for the last time, it's goodbye from here and I'll see you soon on the other side!!!