Friday, 2 August 2013

EEEK!!! What the.....?????

Hello - Hello

Oh my word!!! I feel I have to warn you !!!! 
If you're squeamish don't look at these photo's!!!! Just page down quickly!!!!
Otherwise, carry on reading......

Just look at what my dog, Dozer, came home with this morning!!!!
What is it....????!!!!

It has a very l-o-n-g neck....!!!!!

It looks like a dinosaur type of thingy...???!!!

Strange looking thing indeed ....???!!!!!!

I honestly have no idea what type of skeleton it is!!!! I have google searched every animal's skeleton that has ever been on this farm and found no match!!!
I have image searched (uploaded this photo to google image and searched) and found no match!!!!
It has a very long neck, but it is definitely not a baby giraffe!!!  Giraffes have 2 small horns and a long jaw bone!!!!  There are no horns to identify it from!!!   No big teeth!!! It looks really old as well!!!!
I have no idea where Dozer got it from!!!
And boy, he was so proud!!! It was quite a job to take these photos!!! He was convinced that we wanted to take it from him!!! 
Dozer you Dozy Dog you!!!

This is our last weekend here on this farm!!! Next week we have to say goodbye to our old home and I am already an emotional mess!!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! Be happy!!! Have fun!!! And make something!!!