Thursday, 29 August 2013


A very big hello to everyone!!!

It feels like ages since my last post but there has been amazing progress on the house since then!!!

From this.....

Yippee!!! It's done!!!! The roof is up and finished!!!!

Isn't it just beautiful?!!!!I get giddy with happiness when I look at that massive roof!!!

Needless to say, the thatcher and builders have all been at work!!! I can now fully appreciate the frustration of them not being at work!!! For sure our house could have been finished and ready for us to move in to,if only they stuck to their schedule!!! But anyhow...

The window panes are in!!! But frustratingly, I have to wait 2 weeks for the putty to dry (can you believe it?) before I can wash the windows!!! Right now, I am just craving clean windows!!!Ugh!!!!

The kitchen geyser,piped and ready to be connected....

  ....There's a light outside at the backdoor.....

.....a  chandelier in the lounge/dining room...

        ...and a smaller one in the kitchen....

and these are the lights for bedrooms and bathrooms, done!!!!

... and there was even some plastering going on!! Only the bottom half the wall gets plastered, the top stays to show the bare brick work!!!

Goodness!!! This roof is really,really high!!!
This is going to be one very cool house in summer!!!

I think hubby is really enjoying working on our house!!!!

Brandy is certainly loving it, while.....!!!

... Dozer and Lola can only but watch it all happen from behind the gate!!! The workers refuse to come if they are not locked away!!!

And the cats...?!!! Well, of course they do it in style and comfort!!!

It's really awesome to see the progress of our house and I can't wait to move in!!!! I feel so absolutely spoilt and privileged to have a brand new home like this!!!

So My Dear Friends, watch this space for more exciting updates!!!!

'Till next time....