Thursday, 8 August 2013


Hello my friends!!!

Last night, as we sat down for supper, there was a power outage!!!  No problem!!!  At least supper was cooked!!!  So we lit a candle!!!  Nice!!!  Supper at candle light!!!  But an hour later, the candlelight dinner was done, the geyser was cold and so were we!!!  Cold and  very bored!!! We were all packed up ready for the big move tomorrow and there truly was nothing to do!!! Only the very bare essential were out!!! 
So we played a game and I was surprised at how little we actually knew about each others favorite things!!!  
I thought it would make a great post, a way for you to get to know me a little better!!!  It was sooooo hard to just choose one thing, I just had to tell you about my 2 favorite things......A - Z ....!!!!!
So hey, make yourself a cuppa, relax and enjoy a few of my favourite things!!!!!

Hot Apple Crumble with a scoop or two of Vanilla Ice cream!!!!
Amarula Liqueur, Cold on ice or Hot in your Coffee!!!!!  
Books!!! Books!!! Books!!! I love books!!! At the moment I am reading Christine Feehan's Drake Sister Saga!!! It really is magical!!!
Buntings!!! A celebration of happiness!!!!
Coffee!!! Anywhere,anytime!!!! It just makes me so happy!!!
Chocolate Cake!!! Dark, rich and moist!!!  So Yummy!!!! 
Daisies!!! Such a simple flower and they last forever in a vase!!!!
Donkeys!!! Mentioned in the Bible and still today I think the
most abused animal on earth!!!! I rescue them whenever I can!!!
Entertaining!!! It's so satisfying to entertain friends and family and to sit down at a beautifully decorated table is just so special!!!!
Easter!!!! Flowers, Holidays and Chocolate!!!! What more do you want?!!  Oh OK, A Treasure Hunt!!!!  Perfect!!!!!
Fudge!!!! Melt in the mouth goodness!!!!
Flowers!!! They always make me smile with happiness!!!

Gardening!!! I find it so immensely therapeutic and extremely satisfying to see a seed the size of a pinhead grow into a beautiful flower or vegetable!!
Granny Squares!!! So quick and easy to make!!! Put them together and create warm and cosy happiness!!!!
Hearts!!!! Such a wonderful little thing!!! Suits any theme any time!!!!
Home!!!  I just love my home!!!! It's my little sanctuary of happiness!!!
Ice Cream!!! This is the one thing I could not live without!!!! Totally addicted!!!
Italy!!!! What's not to love!!!! Beautiful country, friendly people and good food!!!
Jelly doughnuts!!! Who doesn't love them!!!!
Jerseys!!! I just love their cosiness!!! And the cable pattern is my all time favorite!!!
Kettles!!!! Such a wonderful collectible item, especially enamel kettles,
 and it goes with coffee!!!
Kittens!!! Of all baby animals they really are the cutest!!! So much positive energy!!!
Lavender!!! Love the color!!! Love the smell!!! Love it's versatility!!! Used in baking, cosmetics and for it's medicinal properties!!!!
Liquorice All Sorts!!!  Fun, colourful and simply yummy!!!
Magazines!!! Pages filled with recipes, patterns, decor, fashion and sooo much more!!!
Moonflowers!!! Plant them near your entertainment area and in early evening, grab  yourself a cup of coffee and watch as the flowers open up!!! They grow fast, flower only at night and they smell incredible!!! AND you can watch them open up!!!!
Nostradamus!!!! Mystery at it's best!!!!
Nougat!!!! Yum-Yum!!! I love making my own Nougat and changing  the ingredient to suit the season, red and green cherries with nuts for Xmas, etc etc!!!
Ocean!!!! Aah!!! Love the smell, the taste and the sound!!! And walking on the beach looking for shells, sea glass or driftwood, is one of my favourite holiday pass times!!!
Orange Blossoms!!!  Such a lovely little flower and the smell is just so amazing!!!  And they last forever in a vase!!!
Parsley!!! I think the most underrated herb today!!! Did you know it's loaded with vitamins and antioxidants!!! Go on, check it out!!! I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised with this little herb!!!
Pizza!!!  We love making our own in our Juwel 202 wood burning oven!!!  My favourite - bacon. cheese, mushrooms, green pepper and artichokes!!!
Quilling!!! Can you believe this fish is made from paper/!! Yes paper!!! And there is so much more you can do with quilling!!!! Go check it out!!! It's a cheap hobby,  easy and sooo satisfying!!!
Quilting!!!! Well now, what's not to love!!! I have never been able to walk pass a piece of fabric!!! There is always a piece that calls out to me!!! I have a huge stash!!! But it will  never  be enough!!!
Road trips!!!! Exciting destinations, good music and road trip food like, boiled eggs, meatballs, sandwiches and coffee from a flask!!! Yay!!!!
Roses!!! Well, they are just perfect!!!! And did you know that rosewater can bring down a fever!!!!
Stargazing!!!! Out here where we live there is no pollution so the skies are really black and the stars are really bright!!! On a hot summers night I love to lie outside on a blanket and just stargaze!!!!
Sunsets!!!!Nothing beats a beautiful sunset!!! And they are never the same!!!  Pure and simple magic that happens every day!!!! 
Themed parties!!!! I love organizing a themed party like, Halloween, Valentines, Cowboy, Black and White, Masked Balls and so on!!! The possibilities are just endless and they are so much fun!!!!
Thunderstorms!!! I have a healthy respect for them and I get very scared but there is something about a storm that attracts me against my will!!!  I just have to go out and watch!!! There's a saying: If you can hear it, fear it!!! If you can see it, flee it!!!!
But I don't always remember it during a storm!!! 
We love playing games and this is one of our favorites!!! Lots of fun and laughter!!! You laugh 'till you cry!!!!
Untamed Wilderness!!! Amazingly, there are still a few patches of untamed wilderness out there!!! Nature is the most wonderful place to be in, but we keep on interfering and ruining it!!! Yet, she keeps on giving!!! How long can this last, I wonder!!!!
Vegetables!!!! I love them all!!!! My favorite is cauliflower!!! No, pumpkin!! No Tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber...!!! Ok, so I don't really have a favorite!!! I love them all!!!
Violets!!! The most rewarding little plant that never stops flowering!!!!!
Water!!!! Such a precious commodity!!! Living on the fringes of the Kalahari dessert, we know first hand exactly how precious water really is!!!! We go months and months and months without a single drop of rain but then when it finally comes it transforms everything!!!  Places that look so barren a day before will suddenly turn green and wild flowers appear out of nowhere!!! Totally amazing!!!
Wildlife!!! A part of our daily life!!! Some of the best memories I have of living on a game farm, is going on game drives with family and friends!!!! We have so much fun searching for animals!!! I even did a treasure hunt one Easter, spread out over  the whole farm and lasting all day with  games, challenges and a picnic lunch!!!  
X-Factor!!!! Love it and love Simon!!!
Xmas!!!! The most magical time of the year!!!! And even though it's very hot here, I still do it all, all the bells and whistles!!! One day I would love to have a white Xmas!!!
Yarn!!! Balls of colorful happiness!!! Warm and cosy!!!! Blankets, jerseys, toys decorations and so much more!!! A basket full of yarn = A happy me!!!
Yard Sales!!! I could browse all day!!! Love the old chair in this picture!!!
Zen!!! Meditating!!! Tranquility and peace!!! Being one with your surrounding and within yourself!!!!
Zinnias!!! Colorful and happy!!! And they ask for so little and lasts forever!!!
So, what are your favourites??!!!  Are they similar to mine?? Or are they completely different??

I'm now gonna love you and leave you 'till next time!!! 

Only some of these photos are mine!!! Most of them were found on ******************************************************
google search and I do not claim them to be mine!!!