Friday, 6 September 2013


Hello Again

Well, the house is coming on just fabulously!!
We turned on the lights for the first time last night!!! Aaah!!! Soft glowing little beauties, I just love you so!!!

And very importantly, the lightning conductor is up too!!! Ready for the first summer storms!!! But boy, this thing is high!!! So very very high!!!!

Here's another thing that makes me very happy!!! You see, I have a thing for aeroplanes!!! The bigger, the better!!! I just really love them!!! And now we live right under a very busy airspace!!! I think it's the Cape Town - Johannesburg route!!! And I see this a lot during the day and it makes me very happy!!! Yeh, I know, I am a silly old bat!!!!

But life at Chalet No 2 is starting to feel a little claustrophobic!!! But of course I am not complaining, I just want to move into my new!!! Have patients you silly ol' bag!!! Soon!!! Very,very soon!!!