Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's raining!!!

Hi every one!!!

It's a very happy blogger greeting you today.   We've had wonderful glorious RAIN!!!!!!! and everything is wonderfully WET.  All the dust has been washed away and everything looks fresh and green.  Today it is still completely cloudy and hopefully we'll get more rain.

I would like to congratulate all the winners from the 2012 World Card Making Day Competition.  

Here's the cards I made and entered.  Can't wait for next years competition!!!!
Birthday category.....

Hi There Category....
Love Category...
Thank you Category....
Christmas Category....

The other thing we did this week was to save a poor abused donkey.  We saw her next to the road when we went to town the other day and a couple of hours later on our return she was still standing in the exact same place, so we stopped and on closer inspection we were absolutely horrified at her condition.  We went home and fetched our truck and simply loaded her and took her home to the farm.  
While we had her on the truck we treated all her wounds and gave her a couple of shots, long acting penicillin, cortisone, multi-vitamins and dusted her coat for mange. 
It's nearly a week later and she's looking much better - still walking slowly - but I am sure she's glad not to be working or pulling a cart!!!  Still, no one has come to claim her and we are just letting her walk the farm with our donkeys.  
We started our little donkey saving thing a couple of years ago when we bought a white mommy and baby.  Mommy (that is her name) was also a working and abused donkey and we just let them loose on the game farm.  Bro-dad grew up and had a very happy donkey-hood and has never worked a day in his life.  Mommy retired and healed completely from all her wounds.
Bro-dad then mated with his mother and she had another baby - Feta - also white and very, very curious as you can see from this photo.  

When one of our rhino's were poached and the whole happy herd was scattered and running scared, Bro-dad rounded them all up and united the whole herd again.  He walked with them for a couple of months and it was absolutely amazing to see this bond between rhino's and Bro-dad.  
But, one winter when food was scarce, Bro-dad got a little too cheeky with a big bull and the rhino poked Bro-dad in the side and pulled his ribs out.  
RIP Bro-dad.  
But Bro-dad made sure there would be another baby donkey!!  Abby-Blue was born - not white but grey.  Then about six months ago we rescued another 3 abused donkeys.  Treated all their wounds and about 4 days later they joined Mommy, Feta and Abby-Blue and now we have a very happy RETIRED  herd of donkeys.  We named them, Charming - a very young stallion, Clover and Penny.  When Cara heals and can walk a little better, I am sure she will join as well.  We actually haven't seen her today but I am sure she's OK.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!These photo's are disturbing!!!!!!!!

Thank you for visiting with me and next time I will show you what I bought from the wool shop, they are having a sale and I can't wait to fill my basket!!!!!!

Till next time my lovelies