Friday, 27 June 2014

Blue - such a cool color!!!

Hello dear friends

This week has been a little easier than the last one!!! Why? Because I have allowed myself time to do what I like!!! I loved it and I am going to try and do it more often!!!

It started with a beautiful pack of 'Blue Paper' I bought a while ago!!! One of those buys not immediately needed but you know you have to have it!!! Just because it's sooo pretty and a 'real good price'!!!! (wink-wink!!! You know what I mean, hey!!!)
Isn't it just beautiful?
Now what to make?.... Ooooo!!! I know!!! My shopping list needs a revamp!!! 
So, a little bit of paper,  a lot of podge and some decoupage techniques and .....
A new shopping list... looks so much better!!! Why did I not do that a long time ago?
And instead of hanging from a hook, I hot glued a piece of magnet sheeting at the back and now it can go on the fridge!!! Because that is just were shopping lists are suppose to go!!! Right? Right!!!)
And it looks just so much better on the fridge, don't you think??
And then I tried my hand at rippling.... Lovely Blue ripples!!!!!

Initially I struggled a bit with the decreases, you know the treble 2 together or just tr2tog,(hehehe!!! perfect English when you get it!!!) and once I got it, I simply rippled away!!! I love how quickly it goes!!!
My first try and I totally understand why it becomes so addictive!!! Just love it!!! Oh dear, I think there's another blanket coming soon!!!
I love the colors!!! It reminds me of beautiful blue skies, the beach and the rolling blue ocean!!!
Then I bought Miss Molly this blue canvas bag - again - Blue!!!
And this is how she owl-y-fied it!!! From drab to fab!!! Isn't it beautiful!!! Well done Miss Molly!!! It's just perfect!!!
I started noting the color blue a lot lately! And you know what? I think I like it!!! So many of my things are blue!!! Blue jerseys, jackets, blankets, washcloths, ironing board cover, table cloths etc etc.... 
Here are a few cute Blue things from my craft room...
Yip!!! I think the color Blue is totally cool!!! 

Have a wonderful happy fun filled weekend, 'till later my lovelies!!!!

Love Always