Wednesday, 13 March 2013

And so this family grows.....

             ....And so this family grows.....

 ...... Not with humans - but with animals!!!!

Hello all my friends from all over the world!!! 
Before I start telling you about all the new babies, Monday was Miss Molly's Birthday!!!
Happy B/Day Molly!!! Gosh what a time we had!!! (I always cry on their b/days and this one was no different! I hate the way time flies!!!)
Isn't she beautiful?!!!!!  22 Yikes!!!!!
And to all the Mums who celebrated Mother's Day on Sunday - Hope you were spoiled rotten and remember it's an honor to be a Mother!!!!! 
Here's a special little card just for you, made with love....
Now, back to the reason for this post, baby animals on the farm.......!
Dozer and Lola have became the proud parents of 10 little puppies!!!!! 10..!!! I kid you not!!! 10 !!!!!
It started like this.......
....And then.... well.., we should have known!! 
They are about 5 weeks old and all 10 of them look like their Daddy!!!  Today was their 1st day out and poor Mom had a hard time trying to keep them all together!!!
       ... and then came a tiger cub.....

... called Sir Olaf.... and he knows and demands to be treated as royalty!!!
                            ... and...
We were given a Small Spotted Genet.....and Miss Molly loves it to pieces.....
It lives on her desk and travels around on her shoulder.  Her name is Tjango and she's spoiled rotten!  At night she sleeps in a small pet tent in Miss Molly's room and just look at all theses toys!!!! Good golly Miss Molly....!!!

 and just like that there were 12 extra mouths to feed!!!  Oh, joy!!! 
Just a sneak peek at my next project, I will tell you all about it real soon!!! Promise!!!
Till next time, enjoy your talents, whatever they may be!!