Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Hello Dear Friends

Firstly, a little Oops!!! from my previous post!!!
In reference to the "Nyala cows mowing my lawn"!!! These are not domestic cows but antelopes!! Some antelopes are referred to as cows and bulls or rams and ewes!!! I think it has to do with the size of the animal, for example: an small sized buck like an Impala is called a ram and ewe, and a Kudu, a large sized buck is called a bull and a cow, Nyala being a quite a large antelope!!! Sorry!!!! I should have been a little clearer on that one!!! 
Nyala bull, a large antelope! 

The bulls and cows look quite different from each other!!!!
        And now for that beautiful day!!! 
                     The wedding day!!!
A picture of the bride, from the other side of the waterfall, preparing for her entrance and Hitler, the lodge dog, giving his approval!!! He fell in love with the bride the minute she arrived and followed her everywhere!!!!
I really loved the old world theme of this wedding!!! 
The table for wedding gifts
Old books, typewriters, suitcases, pearls, gloves and lace!!! It was really a charming affair!!! 

The chapel was simply decorated and the bride's father conducted the service himself!!!

Props for the photo sessions!!!

And while the photo's were taken, we served snacks and drinks, carnaval style!!!! Paper cones filled with popcorn and all sorts of sweeties!!!
Small cactuses were used as place settings and something you could take home as a wedding souvenir!!!
The brides table with the pool in the back!!!

 Even the cake table was different!!!

Old tins and large jars were filled to the brim with old fashion cookies and a simple but beautiful wedding cake!!! And such really down-to-earth, really nice people!!! We were almost sad to see them leave on Sunday!!!
And in between all of that there was also time for a little of this....
After all the moving and packing.....
It truly was sooooo satisfying to pick up a hook again....
And these colors made me so very very happy...
And this hooky therapy helped with all the frustrations caused by this THING....
I really thought that this was going to be a wonderful THING!!! The end to all our communication problems!!! That there would always be an internet signal!!! The satellite phone works just fine!!!! So why not the internet???!!! What is so different from a phone signal and a data signal??!! Why must there be all these little niggly frustrations and teething problems before it works??!!!! I have never felt so isolated before!!!  But soon, soon?, all of these little problems will be of the past - or so I am told!!!
Aahh!!! Now I feel better!!! Always good to vent a little, isn't it?!!!
The exams are over and I think little Miss J did just fine!!! Results will be made available 13th December!!!  And after just a week, she's already bored at home!!!
Well dear friends, that's all from me for now!!! See you soon!!!