Wednesday, 4 December 2013


Hi There
It seems for ever since my last post but we have been busy-busy with year-end functions!!! Can you believe this year is nearly at an end!!! WOW!!! Where did the last 11 months go to??!!!
December!!! I love Decembers!!! It's a magical month!!! Such a wonderful time of the year with holidays and Christmas all in one month!!! I love that the shops are packed with exciting goodies, the magazines filled with wonderful DIY makes, yummy foods and it is all so very exciting and festive!!!
Its raining here today....

quite hard, in fact it's coming down in buckets right now, and I am enjoying a lovely warm cappuccino while I catch up with my bloggy friends, but boy!!! have we had funny weather down here in South-Africa!!!! Severe storms from coast to coast!!!
Yesterday my sister Margaret send me these pictures of a hail storm which caused extensive damage in Johannesburg where she lives!!!

And today it's raining here!!! Raining really hard!!! Something I am not use to but we are so very thankful because it has been very VERY dry here!!!
And while it rained cats and dogs outside, a spoiled kitty cat loves nothing better than to curl up on a warm cozy nest of pillows and have a little catnap!!!
So much has happened since my last post!!! Little Miss J started a new job!!! I am so glad for her because she was getting very bored here at home!!! Here she is with Brandy and Popcorn, enjoying an afternoon nap!!!
 And here she is ready to start her first day!!!
It was her birthday November 5th but she was studying for exams so we celebrated hers and mine, November 23 together.....
 Mine a delicious lemon and lime cheese cake and hers....
a very large, really, I mean large, double- chocolate- chocolate cake!!! Rich, moist and yummy!!! Then we spent a day shopping, eating and sight seeing in our nearest town, Kimberley!!! Very interesting!!! So much history!!! It's the birthplace of De Beers Diamonds!!! The place where Cecil John Rhodes and Barney Bernato started their diamond empires!!! Hmm, maybe I  should do a post about this !!! Would you be interested???
Anyhoooow, before I go, just look at the beautiful sunset we had last night!!! Not going to be one tonight, that's for sure!!!

And that's my little story for now!!! Enjoy the build up to Christmas!!!
'Till next time dear friends....