Saturday, 14 December 2013


Hi There

Welcome back and thanks for taking the time to visit with me!!!
Gosh, we have had the most wonderful rain this last week!!! And it's much needed I tell you!!! In just as little as 10 days this veld of ours will be wonderfully green and there will once again be plenty of food and water for all of the animals!!!

The Big:
This week also saw the arrival of more giraffes!!! And this one was so curious about his new home, not fazed by anything or anyone!!! Usually they dash away but this one little guy was so amazingly calm and relaxed!!! When the doors opened he calmly walked out and just looked at everything around him!!!

The others were more predictable and ran...They really are enormous!!!

The Bad:
Look at what Miss Molly caught the other day!!! A brown house snake!!! Not venomous but it can still give you a nasty bite!!!
Honestly, I really wish she wouldn't do this!!! It's dangerous and it creeps me out thinking that she's willing to catch a snake!!!
The Cute:
Hubby found this baby meerkat half drowned and brought it home!!! He's name is Sammy and he's really cute and very, very busy!!! 
This is what happened when he found the eggs on the kitchen counter!!!

But unfortunately, Tjango refuses to make friends with Sammy and so he had to go live with another staff member!!!
The Ugly:
And this morning Miss Molly rescued 3 bats from the cats!!! 

Now, I am not scared of bats, really I'm not!!! I love to sit out in the evenings and watch them swoop in and out of their house, BUT, the way they crawled all over her, into her hair and the way they screeched, well it really gave me the heebie jeebies!!!
This is where they live!!! It's actually suppose to become my tool shed!!! But now I don't know so much anymore!!!
Miss Molly certainly takes after her Daddy!!! She's really not scared of anything and always has to rescue every little creature she thinks might need help!!!

And that is my story this week!!! Tomorrow I hope to start decorating my home for Christmas!!! The tree is out already and I can't wait to decorate it!!! It's always my favourite part!!! In just a little more than a week and my sister Zennet and hubby Alwyn will be here with us for Christmas!!! So exciting!!! I can't wait to see them!!! Counting down the days!!!

See you soon!!!



  1. I love seeing the animals where you live! I think your house must be so much fun with all of the creatures around...well, maybe not that snake. :) I love the giraffe photos, how interesting, it must be fascinating to see them around.

    1. Hi Jennifer, Yes it really is a lot of fun and we are constantly looking out to see what passes by the house!!! Right now as I am writing this, the buffalo are just behind my backyard!!! XXX

  2. the giraffes are beautiful, it must be incredible to see them like this, and that meerkat too cute! shame he had to move out. Didn't he enjoy the egg! good luck with the christmas preparations, Heather X

    1. Hi Heather,Yes they love eggs and in nature they actually break an egg on a rock by throwing it backwards through their legs onto a rock!!! But this little fella needed a bit of help!!! He did manage to crack quite a few on his own though!!! XXX

  3. Oh my word, so much wildlife here! I love it when your share you local wildlife with us, it's so different to what I know. That meerkat is very, very cute. x

  4. Hi Anne-Marie, wondered what you were up to? are you up to your eyes in new house things? Heather x


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