Thursday, 25 October 2012

Exam Time

A Big Hello To All My Friends Out There

I am thrilled to see so many international hits on my blog!!!!!!!!
All the way from Nigeria, The Philippines, Alaska, Germany, Russia and the USA, and of course, home!!!!!!!  It's simply just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!

This last week mom's taxi has been running little Miss J  back and forth to write her varsity exams.  It's been quite stressful.  Now she has a small study break till her next subject on  Nov 07.   
Exams though, really freaks her out!!!  She gets really nervous and jittery and can actually make herself quite sick.  This last Monday she wrote "Legal Aspects in Accountancy" and struggled a bit to study, so Miss Molly spend her week-end helping her little sister study.  And it worked.  Thank you Molly!!!  You're the best.

I have also crocheted a new bag while watching TV and waiting for Miss J at varsity and I must say, I am really quite proud of it.  This one is for my other sister, Makie and I hope she's going to like it.  
It's actually the second bag I made for her, but my other sister Zennet, decided that she wanted it.  So another bag had to be made and this is the bag I made the first time.  I found this pattern on 
Attic24:  and this was my very first bag I made.  I must say, Lucy at Attic24 is a great teacher.  Her step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and her blog is wonderfully bright and happy and makes for easy reading.
             A Bag For Zennet
Now the next bag I made for sister Makie, is mostly my own design.
I had a few hexagons left from a previous project  and this is how I used them.
            A Bag for Makie
Cool!!!!!! Even if I say so myself.  
It's time to start supper and I think I will make a nice chicken curry tonight.  It's just a little cool today, so a curry will be just perfect.

Keep well my friends and I will see you soon
Happy blogging