Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Crazy Weather and Happy Hooker

Hello Friends

What a week this has been!!!!!  

Firstly, Hurricane Sandy!!  To each and every victim, you are in our prayers!!!  And after 9/11 !!!,  we know how strong the American people are, you can and will survive anything!!  I can only speak for myself, my friends and family, but we are so proud of your ability to get up and dust yourselves off with your heads held high, and immediately look forward and carry on with your lives, PROUDLY.  We commend you all, America!!!!

This last week my Mom & Dad came to visit.  Oh, how wonderful that was!!  We haven't seen them since early March this year so I really had an aching need to see them again.  We had a wonderful time but all too soon we had to say goodbye again!  I really miss them sooooo much already!  It also scares me to see how quickly the two of them are ageing!!!

This week was also the birthday of little Miss J!! She turned 20 on Nov 5th.  Oh, they do grow up far too quickly!!  But hey, I'm a really lucky girl!! I still have both my daughters living with us!!  Don't know what I'll do when they leave one day.  I think hubby and I will be two very lonely old people!  Still I count my blessing everyday for this wonderful family I love so much!
Other than that, I am still a happy "hooker"!  I crocheted a couple of headbands and a hat and now I am busy crocheting more hats for a outstanding order that I still have to make up.  When that is all done I think I want to crochet a couple of festive buntings ( saw them on Attic 24, thank you Lucy!!) for home and also for my sisters.  Got the most amazing cupcake bunting crochet pattern from my mom and I think it would be a perfect Xmas gift for someone.

Don't you find that the weather has changed dramatically.  With America, Venice, Hawaii,  India and even the east coast of South-Africa having so much rain that is causes flooding! and here we are,  praying for rain!!  Already last summer we had very little rain and now we are already into November and still we have not had a drop of rain.  Usually by now, everything is green and lush and there is a lot of grass for the game to eat.  Now all there is is sand, sand and more sand!  Even our borehole sucked up sand the other day and had to be replaced.  The water table is so low now that we can only pump water for a few hours a day and use it very sparingly.  All the waterholes on our farm have also dried up but luckily we have a small mud dam near our house and we pump water into it everyday for the animals.  They learnt very quickly where the new waterhole was.  But I have to  believe that the rains are just a little late this summer.
Just look at the pictures below.  This was a sand storm at lunchtime yesterday!!!

Anyway my lovelies, I had a wonderful visit with you.  Keep safe and go well  'till next time!!!!