Monday, 1 July 2013

Everything's going to be OK......!!!!

Hello Again

Well, it's not going so well here in our little corner of the world!!!
Hubby has been unwell for a while now and being the stubborn man that he is, didn't want to go to the doc!!!  As always, he  thought it was something that would just go away!!!  I finally managed to get him to go and just as well!!! 
He was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic!!!  Big, BIG shock!!!  His blood sugar level measured at 31.6!!!  Normal is between 5 and 7!!!  High!!!!  Very, VERY High!!!
He slept the whole weekend and I had to wake him every so often just to make sure he doesn't go into a COMA!!!  
A very bad weekend for all of us!!!
We were both so depressed about this but then one day, while I drove him around (he has double vision - a side effect of diabetes) we were just talking and trying to make sense  of this whole thing, when finally the penny dropped!!!!
It's not a death sentence for goodness sake!!!!  It means medication and tweaking our lives just a little!!! Mainly on the dietary side!!!  No more chocolates!!! We can soooo manage this!!! AND we can do it EASILY!!!!!!!
Luckily he is quite fit and otherwise has good health!!!!  So really, we both have to just stop wallowing in self pity!!! and get on with it!!!!
And we did!!!! Now 5 days later and of course on medication, he's blood sugar is stabilising and  is currently around 10 AND he's doing just fine!!!!  Feeling much, much better!!!!  And so do the rest of us!!!! Happily!!!!
           ....Tablets 2 or 3 times a day......
 .... A tester kit to measure blood sugar levels:                                               test strips, pricker and  a reader.....
and very importantly, keeping a record!!! These get photocopied at each  GP visit and kept on file!!! Here you can see how up and down it's been and how nicely it's starting to stabilise!!! Unfortunately, we only started keeping records a few days afterwards!!! But that's fine!!!
In about a week's time he has to be back at the GP for the results of the blood tests!!!  These test can tell what his blood sugar levels were for the last 3 months!!!
This was a serious wake-up call to all of us!!!
We have been married for 33 years and he just never ever got sick!!!!  I can count the times he had flu or a cold on one hand!!!  Last year he got seriously ill with appendicitis!!! That was the first time he had been in hospital and his very first operation!!!
Here he is with Amber, our very first tiger we raised , inspecting a broken tooth!!!
He had always seemed indestructible!!!
Playing with lions, tigers, rhinos  buffaloes and so many other dangerous things!!!  But it is his love of animals that have led us to living this privileged life on a game farm!!! 
There was something in the bush!!!  A rhino, perhaps?!!

Yes It Was!!!!
But I also tend to forget that he's not a young man anymore!!!
Needless to say, the girls are spoiling him so much!!!! They have been so wonderful not just with him but also with me!!! Thank you, you're the best!!!!!!!
Cuddling with Caracal Kittens!!!!
But you know what!!!  He's still my man!!!  My indestructible man!!! A super hero!!!
              Now just with .... diabetes!!!!

And that's OK!!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!
Love you all, 'till next time!!!.....