Friday, 5 July 2013

My Dollie! My Sister! My Best Friend!!!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends

Today my little sister will be going into hospital for a small knee operation!!! I have a hollow place in my tummy!!!
PS: While I was busy writing this post, she phoned me from hospital and she's out of theatre and doing very well!!! Tears!!! Joy!!! Relieved!!! Oh, so relieved!!!

A broken cartilage in her knee was removed!!
This was as a result of a heavy fall while skydiving!!! More than ten years ago!!! Oh my word!!! Don't even want to go there....
I remember..... 
When I was little, my Mom had a very big tummy!!! She told us that she was growing a little brother or sister for us and eventually she went off to have this little sibling!!!! The only problem was that she came home with a dolly!!! A dolly just for me!!!
I dressed her, I fed her, I bathed her, I walked her .... And I loved her!!!!
I remember.....
How I carried her everywhere, to school that was really far, to church that was even further and up and over a very steep hill!!!! She was just so little and her legs always hurt!!! So I carried her!!!! Stockings, makeup and church shoes, it didn't matter!!! ..... I loved her!!!!!
I remember....
She even went on all my dates with me, school and sport events, it didn't matter, she was always there!!!!  Until the very day that I left home as a married woman, I did all of this....Because I loved her!!!!
I remember......
We got married and moved down to Cape Town, over a 1000 km away!!! I was happy with my new life but I missed my Dolly!!!
I missed my family too but I really missed my little Dolly!!!!
Four months later she flew up and stayed with us for the summer holidays!!! She arrived at the airport holding the hostesses hand and with a big board around her neck saying"FIELD"!!! She was still so little!!!  We had such a ball...surfing, biking, swimming, Xmas, cooking and so much more!!! And I loved her......!!!!

I remember....
This was when my dolly became my sister!!!!!  And so the traveling started!!! By road, by plane, busses.....  And with time the separation became a little easier!!! We both got older and we both grew up!!! And I still Loved her....!!!!
I remember....
This was when my sister became my best friend!!!  And after her heart was broken, she stayed with us for a while 'till she felt ready to face it all again!!! In this time she worked for us in the curio shop and boy-oh-boy, the girl could sell!!! Our leather sales skyrocketed!!! She could sell you ice in winter, I tell you!!! And I loved her...!!!!
I remember...
When we started a family and I saw her dote on my children, just like I did on her!!!  And I loved her sooooo.....!!!!!
I remember....
When she met the love of her life, Alwyn and got married!!! I waited and waited for her to become a mom, but it wasn't to be!!! Why is it that the best parents in the world, don't have kids of their own??? Why???Why???Why??? 
So I share my kids with her!!! And they too became best friends!!! And we love her.....!!!!
We go on "smelly highs" anything from candles, body and bath products, fresh linen, food and so on...!!! We swing on vines over the river and walk thru knee deep mud!!! We "speedplay" rummikub games!!!  We sew catnip toys for her cats and...Tah-Dah...she sewed it onto her finger!!!!  Really she did!!!  
We love to go coffee shoppe hopping!!! Coffee and cake!!!!  We can spend a whole day in a bookshop lounge or just a quiet day on the bed, reading!!! We cook!!! We bake!!! We laugh and we cry!!! She's my inspiration and she always makes me feel beautiful!!!!
This is my sister, Zennet!!! She's my best friend!!!!  And I love her....!!!!!!! Always!!!
And now she has a loving husband, a successful career, a lovely home, the most lovable "children" and a family who love her endlessly!!!!
Cousin Joey

Cousin Tammy
Cousin Meew

Cousin Wally
So, now you have met my sister Zennet and you know what??!!!!  I am so lucky!!! because I have another sister, Margaret that I love just as much!!!! and in just a few months she'll be turning 50 and then I get to write an ode to her!!!  And then I also get to do one for my adorable brother, year after next!!!

There really is nothing more important than family!!!  Friends come and go, but family will always be there!!!!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend with your family and love them just a little more, just because you can!!!!

Love you all