Monday, 24 September 2012

Help Save our Rhino's

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With 22 September being World Rhino day, I want to share with you our experience with these majestic animals.  We started with a bull and a cow about 12 years ago, Big Daddy and Cupcake (her horn looked like an upside down cupcake, hence Cupcake!) and during this time they successfully grew the herd to 7.
They are incredibly clever animals.  We have very dry and cold winters here and towards the end of winter we have to put extra food out for the game, needless to say, we put the food out close to our home so we can sit on our veranda and watch the game as they come to eat.  So every afternoon at about the same time, the rhinos will waddle up to the house and wait for us to throw out the lucern.  If we take a little too long, they come right up to the house and blow and shuffle and demand their food.  It's so darn cute!!!!!
I really hope you can appreciate the uniqueness of this photograph, I don't think many people have seen rhinos mating.

Unfortunately, Cupcake, she's the one being mated, was "poached" for her horn about 4 months after this photo was taken.  I will save you all the horrible details. but  needless to say it was BARBARIC!!!  
Her absence left a huge void on this farm and is felt every single day.  We miss her terribly!!!  and it's something we cannot forget or get over.

Life would never be the same again.  Fence patrol took on a new meaning just trying to keep them safe and suddenly we were walking around with guns!  Our game farm paradise had turned into a nightmare and we were always fearing for our lives as well as theirs and so due to the security risks, they were all sold and hopefully they will stay safe in this unknown location.
The future for rhinos in this country looks really bleak, with 381 rhinos poached this year alone!!  If you want to know more about the plight of the rhino, please go to the following links and help save the rhino.

Here are more photographs of  some of the other game.

As soon as I have nice pics of the other game, I will post it!  Hope you enjoyed this page and thank you for caring about the rhinos!!!!!

Well, it's supper time and I will see you soon.
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