Monday, 17 September 2012


Hi again

Today I want to show you a very special card I made using a very old letter my mother-in-law wrote to a friend in 1933.  I photo copied the letter onto "aged" paper (I aged the paper myself by  scrunching the paper and rubbing it with dirt and coffee) and clear parchment paper. Then I added strips of wrapping paper, ribbon, lace, a small button and a little paper rose and viola, it's done!  It "feels" and looks romantic without looking too fussy. 

Making this card was quite special to me.  I never knew my mother-in-law, she died when my husband was just 15 years old.  But I really wish I could have known her.  She was an extra ordinary woman.  
She toured through Africa in her little Jeep with a friend of hers in 1933 (which was unheard of in the old days... 2 girls unchaperoned, through Africa, from Johannesburg to Egypt...)
She was a pilot and flew a Tiger Moth plane, raced in figure 8 races and was a nurse during the 2nd world war in Italy.
A special lady indeed!
This is really a special cards to me and I hope you enjoy it too.
Have a wonderful day, 'till next time!!