Friday, 28 September 2012

Crochet Crazy


Can't believe this week has gone so quickly!  Thank you to everyone who visited my blog, but unfortunately, I have more sad news!  Since my last post the number of rhinos killed for their horns this year, has risen to over 400!!!!
Please go to the links on my previous page to see how we can all help save this magnificent animal!!!!!!!!

This week I have been making a few new cards for the world card making competition next month.  Wish me luck!!  Remember October 6 is World Card Making Day.  Enjoy it!  It only happens once a year!

This past winter I taught myself to crochet and oh boy, did this bug get a hold of me!!  I have always been a knitter but now I really prefer crocheting.  Much less complicated and so much quicker.  You can make yourself a blanket in just a couple of days.  My new thing to do in front of the telly these days is to crochet flowers.  You can make so many different flowers and the best of all is that you get to use up all the little bits of leftover wool that's been lying around in a basket for years.   I use the flowers to decorate my cards, transform scatter cushions, mosquito nets, necklaces, brooches, on denim jeans, scarves  handbags, the possibilities are just endless.  I have included  a couple of photos of everything I made this winter!  I had a lot of fun doing this!
  Hat and scarf
     Baby blanket
  Large blanket
Large house blanket

Shoulder bag with flap
                                                                  Beach bag

Are they not just too beautiful!  I can really recommend this wonderful, fulfilling craft for you to try.

Must go now but can't wait to see you again later.