Saturday, 15 September 2012


Hi there

I started this blog to share my love of paper, beautiful fabrics, pewter, paints, flowers and hearts, party planning, craft gadgets, crochet and knitting, stitch craft, decorating, cooking and entertaining, with other people like me out there.
Just the process of creating something, be it a large table cloth or just a gift tag, is food for my soul and lifts my spirits to another level.
Here are some of the cards I made...

 A few of the Mother's Day hampers I made:

I live on a farm in South-Africa situated on the fringes of the Kalahari.  My husband of 33 years is a keen conservationist and together as a family we raise and care for many different animal species.  We are so fortunate to have our 2 lovely daughters, Molly 21 and Jesse 19, still living with us.  Molly is doing research for a book she's writing and Jesse is in her 1st year, doing a B.Com in Financial Accounting.

These are my daughters, Molly in red and Jesse in blue...
       and the one and only, hubby John
We live quite an isolated life out here but it's peaceful and quiet and we love it.  Every so often family and friends come to visit and sometimes that could be the first people we see in months!
When it feels like we are suffering from "cabin fever", a trip to town and a soft serve ice-cream does wonders.
This is our outside lounge area:
This is my favorite place: My workroom.!!! 
I am so spoiled to have this wonderful place that is just mine and I can escape to it whenever I want to and just let the creative juices flow.

Pictures from Molly's 21st Birthday earlier this year:

That is all I have time for today.  Tomorrow I will share with you all the animals we share our lives with.