Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Hello my dear friends

I am truly a happy blogger right now!!!  The sad "Followers" spot on my blog is now a HAPPY spot with 3 FOLLOWERS!
Hi to you Merissa, Karen and inthesky1  and thank you for FOLLOWING my blog.  A special HI to Heather at my little red suitcase who  has become a regular visitor to my blog!!!
And to Karen at Sew Many Ways...: Blogging Tips
for all her help and tips on blogging.  I really have so much to learn!!!!

This morning I received an email from someone - no idea who it's from - but I thought I would share it with you.  It's really amazing and a lot of fun!!!
I have no idea who the photographer/s is/are but thank you for these amazing photo's.  You must have had a lot of fun taking them and a good eye to spot these animals!!!!
Spot the animals" A wildlife photographer's pictures of animals trying to hide from predators. Amazing

 No 1:  Giraffe!

No 2:  A wolf peering out from trees!

No 3:  Can you spot the caiman?

No 4:Tricky one this!Can you find the owl!

No 5: Don't know what a Pikka is but it’s hiding in here somewhere!

No 6:Can you find the snake by his eyes!

No 7:  How about the leopard?

No 8: Squirrel?

No 9:  Wow this owl is amazing!

No 10:  There’s definitely a spotted deer in here!  Honest!

No 11:  A white tailed ptarmigan!

No 12: There’s an impala in here somewhere!

No 13:  A cheetah cub!

No 14:  a common snipe in the shoreline!

No 15: A Night Hawk!

No 16: A Coyote at the edge of the bush!

No 17: A Blue Dacnis!
Aahhhh!!!  How amazing was that??!!!  I still can't find the little snipe!!! Can you??

Please let me know if you have a problem reading or commenting on my blog so that I can sort out these problems.  

See you soon